suzie (suziebr) wrote,

it's the sweetest thing that you'll ever see...


comment to be added.

note: this is a personal journal about my everyday life (work, friends, boyfriends, shopping, etc.) --- it is not an icon journal or graphics journal or anything like that, so unless you're even slightly interested in MY LIFE, please dont request to be added. Thanks. <3

Please join _brokeandfamous and __loveandlattes!
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you need to add me.
its me eness; on
my new LJ.
added <3 - join my new icon community _brokeandfamous if you haven't yet
Add me? You see awesome.
added <3
a is for add me please
can you add me please?
We seem to have a lot in common & I really like your site.
Mind if I add you?
Add me?
Sara <3
hey ive added you =] add me back? <3
add me?
hey i love your graphics and you seem real down to earth, added you, add me?
add me? i added you ♥
hey i added ya u hun...add me back?
I would love love love to be added as a friend! :o))
Hi! You seem to be an interesting person, so I have added you. Add me back?
You seem awesome. I added you. Add me?
i love your graphic site, and you seem awesome.
add me maybe?
i already added you ;D