suzie (suziebr) wrote,

it's the sweetest thing that you'll ever see...


comment to be added.

note: this is a personal journal about my everyday life (work, friends, boyfriends, shopping, etc.) --- it is not an icon journal or graphics journal or anything like that, so unless you're even slightly interested in MY LIFE, please dont request to be added. Thanks. <3

Please join _brokeandfamous and __loveandlattes!
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add me over hurr it's ~flatter :)
Hey Suzie- Made a new LJ, Add me ??

Hello! I'm coming back from an extended livejournal break and am looking for people to add. I've seen you around a lot in the time I've been here (wow, really long time) but I never plucked up the courage to add you. Would you mind if I added you?
Hey this is Nelly former paper_cutxo add me back?
Hi there Suzie!

It's Vanessa (previously sunday_best)
I came back to LJ because I miss reading my friends page and might write the occasional entry or so. I don't know if you're still writing but I added you just in case!
we have a few things in common....
friends? :D
plus, I just recently came across the community __loveandlattes and I seriously think it is the cutest thing ever :)
hello! i used to be kissmytan, if you remember? glad to see you're still on here! add?