suzie (suziebr) wrote,

it's the sweetest thing that you'll ever see...


comment to be added.

note: this is a personal journal about my everyday life (work, friends, boyfriends, shopping, etc.) --- it is not an icon journal or graphics journal or anything like that, so unless you're even slightly interested in MY LIFE, please dont request to be added. Thanks. <3

Please join _brokeandfamous and __loveandlattes!
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Hey, you're one of the mods in one of my favourite communities!

I'd like to think we have a lot in common, add?
Added! :)
hi it's ~tiaras add me here? ♥
Heyyyyy, not sure if you're looking for makers for _brokeandfamous, but I'd love to contribute. I took a break from lj for a while, but I'ved missed making graphics & now i have a bunch, used to be a member of _brokeandfamous and love your stuff / community so pls let me know :)

PS. I would totally ask you to friend me bc we probably have a lot in common from what I see on your profile, but idk if I'll have time to actually keep a journal right now since I'm doing graphics
hiii add?
hey love!

It's dev, (lockhartislove) care to re add me?
Hi! This is Corrine (previously known as devotes). I renamed my journal and would love to remain added to your journal. It's up to you, I've already added you to this name! :-*
hey it's tracie (aka sundayxlove)!
just thought i'd add ya to my new journal.
Hope you don't mind me adding you!
Saw this journal at random.:) I love Starbucks too. Add me back?
add? we used to be friends on ~romantically a while ago, before i moved. C:
hey love your icons and your journal. add?
Hiii! I've been thinking about adding you for a while because you seem interesting and so down-to-earth; I've seen you around L&L. Thought I'd finally actually add you, see if we click. :) Add back?

(LOL, I so realize that all of that sounded creepy. That's soo not how I meant it lol)
Added! :)
Hi. I was wondering if I could have a peak into your journal to see if we would be compatible as friends. From what I've seen so far, you seem pretty cool. I've seen you at your icon communities, of course, but I've been wanting to friend you for a while. Let me know :]
sure! added :)