suzie (suziebr) wrote,

it's the sweetest thing that you'll ever see...


comment to be added.

note: this is a personal journal about my everyday life (work, friends, boyfriends, shopping, etc.) --- it is not an icon journal or graphics journal or anything like that, so unless you're even slightly interested in MY LIFE, please dont request to be added. Thanks. <3

Please join _brokeandfamous and __loveandlattes!
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add me? x x x
suzie! it's your boyfriend kenny!

add me?
you had asked to add me SO long ago. sorry I'm super late, haha. but are you still interested? cause I'd <3 to be friends.
hey im not sure if you are adding right now but i would love to be friends. =]
Hey, it's Ashleigh. I got a new username, but it's kind of a secret. :p Please add me with this name. :)
hey i didnt know where to ask this, but could _brokeandfamous affiliate with ___winked ?

also, i added you, add me back?
you seem to have a lot of confidence, care to be friends?
hey, i know this is probably very weird, but i just got a paid account and i would like to get a layout like yours, i've tryed looking around to figure out how to go about making one but i'm so lost.

please help?
hi suzie :)
i love your graphics so i came to check out your journal and i noticed your ashlee mood theme. i don't see credit anywhere.. did you make it? if so, can i use it or is it just for you? thanks. :)
adddddddddd me
its kara.
we were friends before??
i think i sent you an AIM virus? haha
hiii i was on your f-list with my previous journal (_disorientated) but i deleted that one so, add me here? <3

Adding you, if that's okay.
Add me back?


14 years ago

you seem lovely you should add me
Aw, I ♥ reading about other peoples' relationships. Care to add each other? ♥
&SUZIE; lover,

it's kenny. add mee. :]

added, bitch <3