suzie (suziebr) wrote,

it's the sweetest thing that you'll ever see...


comment to be added.

note: this is a personal journal about my everyday life (work, friends, boyfriends, shopping, etc.) --- it is not an icon journal or graphics journal or anything like that, so unless you're even slightly interested in MY LIFE, please dont request to be added. Thanks. <3

Please join _brokeandfamous and __loveandlattes!
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Hey I just thought I'd let you know that this person is using your icons and along with many other people's on heer xanga. Just thought I'd let you know if you didn't know already =)
Hey Suzie, I'm not sure if you're currently accepting friends, but I've been meaning to add you for a while, please add me back? We have a few interests in common & from what I've read on your info page & in _brokeandfamous you seem like such a sweetheart.

Ok, really sorry for the novel. ♥
May I be added, please? We have a few things in common plus I'm a graphics maker so you don't need to worry about me asking for graphics from you :)
hey suzie ;P cute site.
my friends list is dead; just lookin for some new friends.
we have a few mutual friends like _coffeebean & beautyskindeep..
we have LOTSin common too-- think we would get along well. heh.
would LOVE an add ♥
Hi, I'm Kristi.

Add me please?

I love the Ben Gibbard quote in your info! "I'm doing this for myself..."
hey i am interested in YOUR LIFE! add me?
May i be added? Please?

you seem really awesome
♥ ♥ ♥
add me? i added you ♥
hey. you do lovely work at _brokeandfamous and decided to check out your journal. we have a lot in common. would you add me?

oh and since I make my own graphics i won't ask you to make me anything..don't worry!

♥ ya babe
hey! i'm on your friends list as ____lovesit, but i changed my user name. add me? added you :D
I was wondering if you could add me as a friend, as I have already added you in hopes of you accepting this request.

Though we may only have 3 things in common in the intrest catigory, that is not the whole person. If I put all my intrests, it would take me weeks and weeks to write, and I doubt that that is all of you.

I suppose I'd like to see the person behind the graphics, and besides, your life seems interesting to me; I'm always wanting and eager to make new friends and to have updates to read ^_^
sorry I didn't know where to go, but I was wondering if you wanted to affiliate _brokeandfamous with emmysdream?
hi :] i used to be on your friends list but I deleted my journal. I'm back now though, add me again? ♥
I'd love to be added back ;D
hey i added you, cause you seem like a real cool person.
add me back??